Purchasing and Moving Technology

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Technology Purchases

All technology purchases must be approved by the Tech Office prior to purchasing.  If the purchase was not approved we will not support the item(s).  Too often we find out after the fact that a teacher/staff has ordered software or hardware and we are expected to make it work.  Sometimes the item(s) purchased do not work with our computer hardware and/or software. This includes upgrades/changes to furniture, room layout, and other fixtures that affect technology.  For example, new furniture arrangements may lead to network drop and/or power relocation within the room.

Moving Technology

All moving of technology devices (Desktop PCs, Projectors, Promethean Boards, etc) must be approved and performed by the Tech Office. Too often we find that a computer has been moved and it does not work properly, or at all. There have also been multiple instances of broken cable connections that occurred due to stretching or stress from moving a computer, as well as broken ports on computers due to forcefully plugging in a device to an incorrect port. Fixing these problems becomes very time consuming and expensive, especially when it can all be avoided by getting Tech Office approval and having us move the devices.