Monitor and Manage Your Google Account Permissions

The new interface for Google’s Account Permissions Page enhances visibility and control of permissions granted to devices and services.

Google’s Account Permissions page has a new improved interface that enhances transparency and control of permissions granted to devices, Chrome extensions, and third-party services to access your Google Apps Account. So, now is a good time to take a look at the permissions you have granted and tidy up any unwanted ones.

The new interface uses larger thumbnail images, clearly shows the permissions granted and the date a device or service was authorized, and provides a one-click option to revoke access.

To access your Account Permissions Page navigate to your Account page, select the Security tab then select the View all option in the Account permissions box.

The Account Permissions page shows a list of authorized devices, third-party services, and applications (e.g. Chrome extensions) which have been granted permission to access your Google Apps account.

You also get to your permissions page using the following link:

Common examples of permissions you may have granted include: an Android Tablet configured with your Google Apps account that will have Full account access; a Chrome Extension that may have permission to View and manage Google Drive files; and a third-party service that may have access to Basic account info.

For services you no longer use you should remove access to your account by clicking the Revoke access button. If you use the service again it will request access permission which can be reinstated.

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